KISS Complete!

KISS Polymers LLC is pleased to introduce you to the KISS Complete Products, our newest family of bio-medical, consumer and industrial products based upon the newest generation of KISS Self-Bonding Polymers (KSBP®), which are the latest advances in the patented KISS-COTE® Technology.
KSBP® provides the ultimate in long-lasting protection with an easy-to-apply non-stick finish. Almost everything you look at, think about, or use will benefit from KSBP®.

  • COMPLETELY Safe! KISS Complete is so safe that it is used in the manufacturing of biomedical materials, devices and equipment, such coatings for artificial hearts and blood vessels, or stopping tooth sensitivity and dental staining. Independent studies of KISS Polymers have shown them to be beneficial when applied to any type of skin. KISS Polymers LLC offers various grades of materials, including: biomedical, consumer, and industrial grade materials. KISS Polymers offer a safe alternative to toxic Teflon®.
  • Resistant to Fungi and Bacteria: KISS Polymers create a clean and healthy local environment that does not support the growth of bacteria, mildew, or mold. Independent studies of KISS Polymers have shown them to be effective in keeping dental plaque from sticking to teeth, keeping wounds clean so they can heal faster with less scarring, and even keeping fruits and vegetables fresh longer.
  • Non-Stick Finish: KISS Complete Polymers create a non-stick surface that will reduce friction and inhibit chemical adhesion. Even barnacles and zebra mussels, whose glues are two of the strongest adhesives known to man - can be picked off a KSBP® treated surface by hand. KISS Polymers keep parts from sticking to molds, and are used in the manufacture of adhesives and paints so they don’t stick to the processing equipment.
  • Easy to Apply: All KISS Complete products are easy to apply. Simply wipe them on, let them dry and you will have an invisible barrier of protection that will reduce friction and protect the surface beneath from chemical interaction.
  • Easy to Clean: With a protective layer of KISS Polymers, surfaces will be much easier to clean. Grime, mold, dirt or anything that might stick to a surface can be easily wiped away.
  • Creates a Water Repellant Finish: Water will bead and run off treated surfaces due to KISS Polymers' revolutionary surface chemistry! KISS Polymers stop surfaces from wetting, but allow them to breathe (vapor permeable). The KISS Complete technology is so amazing it keeps sand from turning to mud!
  • Environmentally Friendly: KISS Complete is non-reactive and ecologically stable. KISS Complete is safe in even the most delicate of environments.
  • Reduces Drag and Friction: Due to the non-stick properties of KISS Complete, drag and friction are reduced. This can increase the aerodynamics or hydrodynamics of any moving object or make mechanical processes more efficient. This can yield increased speed for high performance boats or planes, or added horsepower to any mechanical devices. KISS Polymers reduce fuel consumption when used in engines, such as when it is added to fuels and lubricants or to coat air intakes, exhaust, and filter materials.
  • Works on Any Surface: KISS Polymers will remain on any surface for the life of the surface to which it is bound. KISS Polymers will adhere to anything: aluminum, steel, synthetic and natural fabrics, plastics, resins, tile and marble, anything you can imagine! KISS Polymers are even used to restore failed Teflon coatings.
  • Resistant to Extreme Temperatures: KISS Polymers will last as long as the surface layer to which they is bound and can tolerate extreme temperatures. KISS Polymers technology is used in aerospace by NASA and can easily withstand high heat and extremely cold temperatures.
  • pH Stable: KISS Polymers are non-reactive and can tolerate both highly acidic and highly basic chemicals. You don't need to worry about KISS Polymers coming off under prolonged exposure to chemical baths or on the inside of a pH intensive container!
  • Cleans and Protects: KISS Polymer Products clean while protecting, reducing maintenance and extending life-expectancy of treated materials.

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