KSBP Polymers in Cosmetic Applications

Long-lasting Skin Care
Soothes, Softens & Protects

Finished SkinCare Products

KISSCARE® Concentrated Gel and KISSCARE® Liquid are finished products manufactured by KISS Polymers LLC. which are intended for topical application to skin. The KISSCARE® Skin Care Products are based upon a patented family of KISS-COTE® Self-Bonding Polymers (KSBP® ) that offer unsurpassed protection while soothing irritated skin. Formulated without any oily lotions,fragrances or preservatives.

KISSCARE® Products form an "invisible bandage" that breathes like your own healthy skin, yet it resists harsh chemicals.The ultimate in skin care, KISSCARE® feels so good that it feels great.

KISSCARE® Polymers enhance the health and vitality of normal skin. They also will form a protective layer over damaged or irritated skin. Forming a protective barrier only one molecule thick, KISSCARE® Products create a clean and healthy environment that resists bacterial growth. This restores a well-balanced ecosystem which promotes healthy skin.

When applied as a thin film dressing to damaged or wounded skin, KISSCARE® Products cover and protect exposed nerve endings, providing soothing relief from most irritations. KISSCARE® softens callouses and thickened scars .KISSCARE® makes the skin feel silky smooth and will reduce chafing and irritation.

KISSCARE® Concentrated Gel

KISSCARE® Concentrated Gel is 100% pure KSBP® and is intended for use on acute injuries and severely damaged skin.


KISSCARE® Liquid is an aqueous emulsion containing KSBP®and is intended for every day use to maintain and protect healthy skin and to soothe minor wounds and irritations.

Both of the above products create a local environment that is conducive to wound healing, while acting as an "invisible bandage". They also can be used as a "wipe on glove" to protect from chemical and physical damage.They can help provide protection from:

  • Sun and actinic damage - skin tans rather than burning, sun burnt skin won't peel
  • Mechanical irritation
  • Chemical attack, resisting most acids, bases, solvents and detergents
  • Microbial and fungal colonization
  • Allergens contacting the skin

They also effectively soothe and soften skin while promoting wound healing of:

  • *Burns
  • Fungal infections, including athlete's foot
  • Ear infections
  • Cuts, abrasions and mechanical trauma
  • Diaper rash
  • Eczema
  • Dandruff
  • Eye infections
  • Sore throats
  • Herpetic and other viral lesions
  • Skin inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Chapped lips and skin

KSBP® materials also have been reported to:

  • Soften and flatten scars
  • Reduce or eliminate callouses
  • Smooth skin creases and folds - as an alternative to chemical peels and as a dressing after chemical peels
  • Present an excellent foundation for other cosmetics
  • Impart a hydrophobic, yet vapor permeable character that prevents other cosmetics and medicaments from washing off
  • Stops skin from drying out and cracking


When applied as a thin film dressing to damaged or wounded skin, KISSCARE® Liquid covers and protects exposed nerve endings, providing soothing relief from most irritations. KISSCARE® Liquid softens callouses and thickened scars. KISSCARE® Liquid makes the skin feel silky smooth and will reduce chafing and irritation. You will even find KISSCARE® Liquid gives the best shave you've ever had - and without any messy foam. Great as a refreshing foundation for any cosmetic, KISSCARE® Liquid helps make-up wear longer, yet clean up easier. KISSCARE®Liquid will protect even the most delicate baby's skin and reduce irritation of sensitive skin caused by allergies.

KISS-COTE Polymers as ingredient in other products:

KISS-COTE Polymers can be used to prove other cosmetic sand medicaments the beneficial properties of KSBP®, including making them :

  • Hydrophobic
  • Resistant to mechanical irritation and chemical attack
  • Enhancing their fluidity and flow for better application to skin
  • More durable and long-lasting

KSBP® also reduces or eliminates the need foranti-microbials and preservatives, as well as oily lotions, in cosmetics to which it is added.

When applied to existing dressings and bandage materials,KSBP® imparts its:

  • non-stick surface - bandages won't stick to wounds and bacteria won't stick to the bandage
  • non-wettable surface
  • reduced friction

Treated skin stays dry, but is well hydrated. KSBP®provides no mechanism for attachment and colonization of pathogenic organisms, reducing infections.

KSBP® also stops hair from tangling and acts as along-lasting hair and skin conditioner.

The above information is a summary of information received from physicians, patients and customers using KSBP® cosmetic materials, and is not intended to imply or present therapeutic claims by KISS Polymers LLC

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