MegaGuard® Marine LiquiCoteMarine Protectant *

MegaGuard® Marine Protectant is a revolutionary coating that contains patented KISS-COTE® Self-Bonding Polymers (KSBP®) which provide an easy-to-clean non-stick finish that acts as an invisible barrier and provides the ultimate in long-lasting protection.

With its KSBP® technology, MegaGuard® permanently bonds to virtually any surface, resisting attack from most acids, bases, solvents and other chemicals. MegaGuard® has been proven effective by numerous independent testing labs to provide the following benefits in marine applications:
  • Reduced drag at the solid/fluid interface;
  • Reduced cleaning requirements due to non-stick surface;
  • Protection from environmental attack;
  • Reduced ice adhesion; and
  • Improved shedding of surface water.

Product Features

  • Non-stick surface
  • Protects hull, hardware, and interior finishes
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Environmentally safe
  • Provides mildew resistance
  • Cleans while protecting
  • Creates water-repellent finish
  • Prevents adhesion of dirt and insects
  • Reduces drag and surface friction
  • Improves speed performance
  • Protects metals, plastics and glass
  • Protects fabric, wood and ceramics

Great for protecting and maintaining all marine surfaces, from boat bottoms to rigging and sail cloth. Protected finishes stay cleaner longer and require less care and maintenance. Clean and protect your boat with an invisible barrier of MegaGuard®.

Available in 16 ounce metal cans. Half an ounce will clean and protect a 16-foot hull.

Material Compatibility:
KISS-COTE® is non-toxic and poses no health hazards to the applicator. Caution should be used because coated surfaces will be slippery.

KISS-COTE's MegaGuard* Marine LiquiCote compared with other Fouling-Release and Anti-Fouling Coatings

KISS-COTE Self-Bonding Polymers (KSBP*) provide a non- stick drag-reducing finish so boats will go faster on less fuel and so the pleasure boater can spend more time in recreation, enjoying rather than cleaning his or her boat.

Conventional marine coatings have two principal mechanisms of action. The anti-fouling character is from soluble heavy metal salts which poison the marine life that grow on the surface. This is combined with a "self-polishing" or "ablative" character. The toxins are held in a slowly dissolving matrix which has two purposes:

1. Its continuous loss of surface layer allows exposure of fresh toxins as the toxins at the surface become depleted;

2. Marine organisms will still grow on the surface despite the presence of toxins, so the coating also "sheds" it surface layer, shedding the marine growth with the eroding surface.

The majority of our present formulations of KISS-COTE are "fouling-release" because of their inert non-stick finish. Since they are non-toxic they are not anti-fouling. However, marine organisms do have trouble colonizing KISS-COTE treated surfaces since they need an adherence mechanism to colonize. As an example, Zebra Mussels will selectively colonize any other surface, including Teflon® (PTFE), rather than growing on KISS-COTE.

Products containing PTFE as the active ingredient are not anti-fouling. However, some anti-fouling coatings are available with low levels of PTFE, the most common being VC-17 by Courtalds. Please note that barnacles will grow on and penetrate a PTFE coating and Zebra Mussels readily colonize PTFE. Barnacles do not stick to or penetrate KISS-COTE and Zebra Mussels avoid substrates coated with our material.

Our new KISS-COTE's MegaGuard Marine LiquiCote combines the benefits of KISS-COTE Polymers with the anti-fouling effect of conventional bottom paints. The LiquiCote is applied simply by painting over a standard anti-foulant, softening the surface layer of the bottom paint. It dries in a few minutes, with the bottom-paint re-hardening into a non-stick anti-fouling finish that exhibits reduced drag. The life-expectancy of the anti- fouling and the non-stick character is determined by the quality of the bottom paint. We are finding a 9-12 month life in our harsh salt-water environment. At the end of this time, one is left with a conventional bottom-paint that can easily be pressure washed and re-coated with the LiquiCote. Meanwhile, the bottom paint lasts years longer and does not leach the same high levels of toxic biocides into the water. In addition, there is much less contamination than one would find using a standard maintenance protocol on a regular bottom paint, including frequent sanding and re-painting.

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Evidence of Drag Reduction with KISS-COTE®


We are not aware of any friction reducing coatings other than KISS-COTE® which has a permanent chemical bond to the substrate.

In all the cases of which we are familiar, the life-times of such other coatings are predictably short.

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