Manufacturing Applications for KISS-COTE® Self-Bonding Polymers (KSBP®) Non-Stick Protective Speed Coatings

KISS-COTE represents a family of thin, non-stick, non-toxic polymer (polydimethylsiloxane) coatings, that when rubbed on a surface in extremely thin (monomolecular) layers and polished, create a slick, slippery, protective, easy-to-clean surface, but are highly adherent to all types of surfaces including metals, plastics, wood, fiberglass, fabrics, teeth, and skin. These self-bonding polymer films are unaffected by changes in temperature and adhere tightly to whatever surface they are on; mildew, fungus, or barnacles cannot grow on them. They are available in a variety of formulations depending on the application: as a concentrated liquid, for vehicles, aircraft, and boats to reduce drag, repel rain, and improve the release of ice; as a water-based liquid to clean and protect surfaces such as cars, countertops, and appliances; as a concentrated gel for protecting damaged skin and promoting wound healing; as an aqueous emulsion for cosmetic use to smooth and soften skin; and as a coating for teeth to prevent the formation of plaque (the above description was written by Dr. Renee Ford of MaterialConnexion).

KISS-COTE is an easily applied protective coating that reduces drag while giving a non-stick finish. Since it is easy to apply, the coating can be used everywhere. Resistant to most acids, bases, and detergents, KISS-COTE produces a water-shedding finish offering protection while improving performance. By reducing surface friction, anything coated will go farther using less fuel. The applications of KISS-COTE appear to be limited only by our imaginations. Below is a listing of some current industrial and commercial uses of the coating. You will also find additional information following links on the KISS-COTE Applications Page.

KISS-COTE Products benefit machinery and molds used in all aspects of every manufacturing process, including reducing drive force required to run conveyors . It provides superior protection with a non-stick finish for packaging and processing equipment. It is also used as an ingredient and/or in the manufacturing processes of a myriad of products, from cast ceramics to cosmetics. KISS-COTE provides the ultimate protection for virtually all finished goods, whether protecting fruits and vegetables from mildew during growth and/or shipment or protecting the exterior of commercial buildings and roadways from weathering and pollution.

Some Current Commercial and Industrial Uses of KISS-COTE Products:

  1. Aviation/Aerospace
  2. Automotive
  3. Boating/Marine
  4. Building Materials

5. Mold Release

6. Lubricant

7.Power Industry

8. Ammunition and Weaponry

9. Other

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