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KISS-COTE® was originally developed as a dental coating .Common oral microbia will not colonize if they do not adhere to a surface. This is why edentulous people (people who have not teeth) do not have plaque. KISS-COTE® provides anon-stick finish to dental surfaces, thus interfering with colonization and growth of plaque. KISS-COTE® is not intended to replace standard oral hygiene practices.

However,it reduces bacterial adherence and makes standard hygiene easier. The KISS-COTE® also chemically changes the surface of the substrate to silicone, which is known for its acid resistance. Reducing the effects of low pH on the teeth will also reduce caries. We suggest the coating be applied (in its gel form) by the dentist/hygienist immediately upon completion of the prophylaxis and fluoride treatment. Application instructions

Applications of KISSCARE Products in the Dental Industry:

KISSCARE® Products have applications in a wi derange of applications in dentistry. The intrinsic adhesive component in a non-stick material, makes KISS-COTE® a novel self-bonding, non-stick, acid-resistant,non-wetting mono molecular coating. It provides an inert finish to dental surfaces,protecting them from chemical attack and interfering and preventing subsequent colonization and growth of dental plaque and other microorganisms. The characteristics and benefits of the coating make it suitable for application to almost any surface encountered in the dental environment, both in and out the mouth.

KISSCARE® Products effectively provide a protective barrier, or "outer skin" for everything in the dental environment.They can easily be applied to teeth and any other dental materials to protect against moisture, fluid corrosion and chemical or biologic fouling while reducing hygiene/maintenance by providing a long-lasting non-stick non-wetting gas-permeable(breathable) coating. These same polymers are proving useful in wound care and treatment of diseased tissues. KSBP can be incorporated into existing materials to enhance their performance; ranging from professionally applied cleansing pastes and sealants to toothpastes, mouthwashes and artificial saliva. They can also be used in dentistry as lubricants, mold release agents, skin care protectants for the dental professional, and protective non-stick coatings for instruments and equipment in the dental office.

KISS-COTE was originally developed as a dental coating. Common oral microbia will not colonize if they do not/cannot adhere to a surface.KISS-COTE provides a non-stick finish to dental surfaces, thus interfering with colonization and growth of plaque. KISSCARE Dental Products are not intended to replace standard oral hygiene practices, but rather to enhance their efficacy by reducing bacterial adherence.

In advocating a tooth coating, there must be an apparent benefit to the population at large (patients) and to the Dental Professional for its use to be accepted as a standard procedure. Patients will benefit by a reduced incidence of dental diseases, resulting in substantial reduction in dental health care costs. They will also benefit from the ease of hygiene resulting from the use of KISSCARE Dental Products. The Dental Profession will benefit from KISSCARE® Dental Products by their providing a unique practice building procedure. Recommended application would be at least twice yearly as part of routine preventative care, significantly enhancing patient/doctor contact and opening up the opportunity for the dentist to ascertain other needed treatment.

KISS-COTE® is an excellent prosthetic coating. Altering the surface chemistry of prosthetic surfaces with thin film coatings of silicone demonstrate many benefits. The denture patient may eat mashed potatoes, chewing gum, and caramel candy without the food sticking to their teeth. Hygiene is improved and made easier. Because the KISS-COTE® effectively water-proofs the acrylic, oral fluids are no longer adsorbed into the porous denture resin. Also, the oral microbia no longer have a fluid vehicle to enter the resin.

The current method to improve denture retention is to apply wetting agents to improve surface wettability. KISS-COTE® does the opposite. Its high contact angle causes the slightest amount of saliva (or other fluid) to have a very high bead, providing a peripheral seal even when xerostomia occurs. After an application> of KISS-COTE®, patients report improved retention of their complete dentures due to a better peripheral seal and less dislodging forces caused by sticking foods.

Both adhesion and fouling are directly related to the chemistry of a particular surface. Recent recognition of this is evident with the newosseo-integrated dental implants. A surface of titanium oxides promotes bone adhesion. These materials also promote microbial fouling where they are exposed to the oral environment. KISS-COTE® may be applied to the exposed portions of the prosthesis after an initial healing period has enabled the development of a cuff of attached tissue. Application of KISS-COTE® to the exposed surfaces 5-7 days post-implantation will change the exposed surfaces to a non-stick finish that does not promote plaque formation. Similarly, all fixed prostheses and dental restorations will benefit from an application of KISS-COTE® after insertion.

KISS-COTE® protects all operating instruments and equipment, offering a non-stick, easy to clean finish that does not promote microbial fouling. The coating protects surgical instruments while making them easier to clean. Cements and other materials will not stick to or stain coated trays and counter tops. KISS Polymers LLC has also developed our new aqueous formulation which cleans surfaces while giving them the chemical protection of KISS-COTE®. This has potential applications in formulations for denture cleaners, surgical scrubs and hand cleaners. A similar formulation may also be marketed as a dental office cleanser for use on equipment, furniture, counters and walls. K.I.S.S., Inc. is also developing blends for use as toothpastes and abrasive polishes.

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