Car Performance and KISS-COTE Self-Bonding Polymers (KSBP*)

Non-Stick Protective Speed Coatings

A coating so slick it makes everything else seem slow, offers unsurpassed protection while reducing maintenance with its easy-to-clean non-stick finish. Often called "the racer's best kept secret", these patented polymers offer improved performance while protecting all finishes from chemical attack and are called KISS-COTE, or KSBP (for KISS-COTE Self-Bonding Polymers),

These polymers have been made into easy-to-apply coatings that reduce friction. KISS-COTE treated vehicles go faster and further on less fuel, whether they are planes, boats or cars. The coating gives anything a non-stick finish,so KISS-COTE race teams celebrate while the competition is still working to clean up after the race.

Sold direct from its factory in Tampa, KISS Polymers LLC. offers a complete line of KSBP Products for car owners and racers. "KISS-COTE Concentrated Gel" is 100%KSBP polymer and offers the ultimate in protection and drag reduction when used on smooth surfaces. "KISS-COTE Concentrated Gel"can also be incorporated into other materials to enhance their performance while extending their life-expectancy. "KSBP SpeedCote" and "MegaGuardLiquid" are wipe on/wipe off liquids that provides KSBP protection, reduces drag when applied to exterior surfaces and improves performance of sliding and moving parts when applied to engine components or used as an additive to fuels and lubricants. "Clean & MegaGuard Liquid" is a water-based cleanser that will remove grease from an engine block and will leave behind the KSBP coating when it is rinsed clean. Used as an all-purpose cleaner, it restores any worn surfaces that require additional KISS-COTE protection."Clean & MegaGuard Liquid" is excellent for routine maintenance and cleansing of all automotive finishes, including the car body and all painted surfaces, all metal, glass, plastic and vinyl.

In Formula 1 Racing, the SAUBER-Mercedes team moved up in their Grand Prix starting line position and have cut critical seconds from their race times just by applying KISS-COTE to the outside of their car, reducing wind drag. When applied to engine components, KISS-COTE reduces friction of sliding and moving parts while reducing wear. When applied to pistons, cylinder walls, bearings and other parts that move, KISS-COTE acts as a dry-film lubricant. KSBP can also be added to conventional lubricants to extend their life while improving their lubricity. KISS-COTE withstands extreme changes in temperature and pressure,preventing carbon build-up in combustion units of jet engines and preventing corrosion of fuel injectors in diesel engines.

KSBP protects finishes from most acids, bases, solvents, detergents and other chemicals. No more worrying about acid rain. Its easy-to-clean non-stick finish means no more tedious waxing and polishing. Simply spray and wipe with"Clean & MegaGuard Liquid". Insects and road grime wash off easily and water sheds, quickly (great for windshields).

Automotive Uses of KISS-COTE® Self-Bonding Polymers (KSBP®)

We recommend application of KISS-COTE® to all top exterior surfaces of a car,including chrome, glass, and painted finishes. It seals the surfaces, protects them from acids, sun, detergents, etc., and makes it very easy to clean since it puts on a non-stick finish. It will bring back the color of a faded paint, and dramatically slow any additional fading. Cleaning involves rinsing with water, and occasionally washing with a mild detergent to remove any oily films. The car can then be quickly wiped dry, since KISS-COTE® sheds water.

A treated surface will have a no-wax shine and maintain the high water bead indefinitely. Once KISS-COTE® is on a car, it will never need to be waxed again. In fact, people who use KISS-COTE® and then accidentally get wax on it (i.e. carwash) usually take the wax right off because the wax does not give as nice a finish. The material lasts as long as the surface you put it on. However, realize that no surface lasts forever. If it goes onto a poor quality paint, it will not have the same life-expectancy. Insects and road grime are easy to clean off, and it is acid- resistant,so it protects against acid rain. Because it water- proofs the surface, it protects against rust. The water-shedding is useful when driving in rain, and it makes ice easier to get off in the winter.

The KISS-COTE® is applied with an orbital buffer to prevent burning of the paint, and then all the excess is wiped off with a clean adsorbent cloth. We provide instructions for diluting for special applications such as wire wheel covers. To date, our experience indicates the concentrated gel gives better results than the dilute forms, and does not contain any solvents that might harm the finish. In fact, KISS-COTE® has been thoroughly tested and approved by the FAA authorized testing laboratories, showing that it will not harm any material or finish used on an aircraft.

KISS-COTE® is also very cost effective. An experienced applicator can do 6-12 cars with an 8 gram package. It may sound impossible, but the material spreads a long way.KISS-COTE® provides a better shine and appearance than any other material tested, and replaces waxes and paint sealants. Ideally, new cars should be coated as soon as they are unloaded from the truck. The non-stick finish we provide makes it much easier to keep the cars clean until they are sold, reducing the frequency and difficulty of washings on the lot. It also reduces overspray problems (i.e. undercoating and rust inhibitors) because of its non-stick finish. Car salesmen are promoting KISS-COTE® as a new benefit to reduce maintenance and protect the finish. It is very helpful in southern climates, eliminating the insect problems. The bugs that are very difficult to clean off and pit the finish of an untreated car are washed off by the rain when the car is KISS-COTE 'd. The coating also prevents the bugs from pitting the finish since it is acid-resistant. Unlike Teflon and silicone coatings, KISS-COTE® does not cause any problems when re-painting is required.Once other non-stick coatings are on a car, it is difficult to re-paint.

To many people, KISS-COTE® sounds too good to be true, but it really works. Unlike most other products, we have to stress there is no benefit from using excess material. Literally, the less you use (so long as the surface is completely coated), the better it works. In fact, the final step of the application is to remove all excess material.


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